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danial project I
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    Geo location of ِDanial 25 megawatt power plant

    Geo location of ِDanial 25 megawatt power plant

danial project I

Introduction :

25 MW Natural gas Distributed Generation (DG) Power plant with combined heat and power (CHP) capability

Combined heat and power (CHP) technologies produce both electricity and heat from a single fuel. These systems recover heat that normally would be wasted in thermal power plants and save the fuel that would otherwise be used to produce heat or steam in a separate unit.

Gas engines are of more popularization among the other types of DG power plants. There are a lot of gas resources all around the country and fuel preparation for these kinds of power generators does not have any technical difficulties.

The CHP system (Combined Heat and Power Plant) is a system that its output heat is directly recycled, used and its electrical efficiency is more than one and a half times the average efficiency of a thermal power plant.

Location :

Kheshte sar , Mahmoudabad , Mazandaran , IRAN

Physical Properties :

Land of project: 4722 square meter

Specifications :

Thirteen G3520 E Caterpillar Gen-sets are used in this project which each one has 2022 KW nominal capacity. The total power of project is 26,286 KW. High electrical efficiency and low cost maintenance are the advantages of these Gen-Sets. 

Schedule :

According to guaranteed purchase contract with Tavanir Company, The schedule of commercial operation of plant will be in October of 2015.

Facilities :

  1. Obtaining the preliminary permission,
  2. Hiring or purchasing the required land,
  3. Obtaining the fuel (gas) preparation permission, environmental permission etc.
  4. Preparing technical and economical reports based on the DG power plant / CHP plant basic design,
  5. Obtaining the construction permission,
  6. Signing the ECA contract with the grid operator,
  7. Beginning the construction phase,

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